Get The Hook – The Secret To More Video Views

“Don’t bury the lead.” – an old saying in journalism that means you should put your most important sh!t at the top of the article so it can be seen. Master the lead and your content will get more views, engagement, likes and shares.

Whether you’re creating short form video, social media posts, emails or are simply telling a story, you need to hook your audience. The goal is to interrupt the pattern that your audience is currently in.

Their attention span is roughly the same as a goldfish. No, really. You have 3-5 seconds to grab their attention before they scroll away. I’m going to give you some of the best hooks used in short-form video. Many of these can be applied in written posts and long form video (Youtube), too.

But before I share those leads, keep this in mind: Your lead is not just to draw people in and get them to stay for the entirety of your content. A well-constructed lead is also going to push people away. You’re sriracha, baby. Not everyone can handle you and that’s ok. Don’t tone yourself down just for the sake of appealing to EVERYONE.

My goal is to help you connect with the right audience. Not some weird judgemental assholes trolling you on the internet. Set your intentions for your content while developing your lead and envision the right people finding you.

If you’re still interested in those leads, look no further!

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