Who is Krystal Renee?

I’m completely and utterly obsessed with growth hacking. Not only that, I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs learn how to do the same for their business. Not everyone knows what growth hacking is so let’s break it down:

Growth hacking is a mindset that leverages strategies to unlock growth at scale. Sean Ellis described growth hackers as individuals whose true north is growth.

Ever heard that marketing is “pay to play?” Well, if you look at my definition of growth hacking you’ll see that I believe it’s a mindset. Here’s what’s exciting about that – a mindset shift won’t cost you a dime. Yes, there are courses that will teach you the mechanics (and I even offer these), but first we need to have a growth mindset.

I’m a mom of two boys, I homeschool, volunteer in my community, operate a successful business and I enjoy snuggling with my husband while watching The Office or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Disney and I consider myself to be a low-key Disney villain. (Come on, the villains are the coolest part of the movies!)

On paper my life may seem very busy, but it’s not. I’m purposed, not busy. I’ve been able to get my clients unprecedented growth for their businesses and have coached hundreds of people to do it for themselves.

What my friends and clients seem to love most about my approach is that we place the value on people vs. numbers. Do we want to see high conversion rates and sales increase? Of course! And we do – but those are the results of a heart-based plan. Think of being on the other side – would you like a company to see YOU, or see you as a number? Do you want to be in a relationship or part of someone’s strategy?

You don’t have to be a slimy salesperson to do well. You can do GOOD and do WELL! But to do this, you’re going to have to get on board with some mindset shifts. We need to kick your limiting beliefs to the curb and narrow your focus. I’m here to give you practical tools that you can implement and immediately see results as well as provide motivation to move forward with your goals.

If you’re ready to see serious growth, I’d love for you to subscribe to this blog. Let’s be friends – my socials are below. Let’s have a conversation about your dreams.

PS: I also have Resting Bitch Face. I promise I’m more friendly than I look.